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Truck with trailer 158x198

“We started an Xp3 trial on three tractors because they were only getting 5.5 MPG. After about 8 weeks of steadily improving MPG with the use of Xp3, we attained an average of 6.2 MPG for all three trucks.  This was approximately a 13% increase in MPG.

After this trial on the three tractors, we immediately purchased Xp3 for all our similar trucks, which experienced similar results during the following 8 week period.  As an added bonus that wasn’t even considered when we started this trial, we notices improved engine performance!

We have experienced major savings in fuel and maintenance and plan to continue Xp3 in our fleet of trucks!

Al Hellenthal – STS Transportation Services, Inc. in West Branch, IA

Dahlheimer-Beverage-Truck Xp3 GDI Testimony

“We have been very pleased with the way Xp3 has made the fuel burn cleaner in our trucks. Before we started using Xp3, we were experiencing a lot of black soot on our trailers from exhaust.

Since we began adding Xp3 to our fleet, this problem has almost been eliminated by the clean burning components of Xp3.

Our company has received savings on fuel costs using Xp3 during the cold winter months.  By utilizing Xp3’s anti-gelling agents, we were able to defer 2 months of extra fuel costs associated with winter blended fuel!

Travis Dahlhemier  – Dahlheimer Beverage LLC, in Monticello, MN

Bill Hamblin

“When using Xp3 in our company’s 2007 Kenworth, we were able to increase the MPG from 5.75 to 7.01.  Using Xp3 in our 2003 Freightliner, the MPG went from 5.47 to 6.67.

From the first time we added Xp3 to our fuel, we noticed our trucks have increased power, improved idling, and the trucks started better.  Amazingly, our oil consumption not only dropped, but the oil stayed clean longer, which allowed more mileage between oil changes.

Our truck stacks had very clean exhaust emissions and the black smoke was eliminated.

We make our truck payments with the savings from using Xp3! It saves us thousands of dollars a year!

Bill Hamblin – Hamblin Express in St. Cloud, MN

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Click Here to Order Xp3 Products!