Xp3 Gear Box Additive


    Xp3 GEAR BOX ADDITIVE WITH ANTI-FRICTION is a state-of-the-art additive package formulated to treat gear boxes that use mineral or synthetic gear oils.  The modern, high-speed, manufacturing process used permanently suspends the most effective lubricating additives into this highly refined base lubricant for maximum protection.

    This item is a 33 fl. oz. container of Xp3 GEAR BOX ADDITIVE WITH ANTI-FRICTION

    Xp3 GEAR BOX ADDITIVE WITH ANTI-FRICTION also contains special conditioners and high performance chemicals that provide numerous benefits including:

    • Increases lubricity and reduces wear
    • Extends bearing, gear, and ring life
    • Provides easier starting
    • Improves energy economy
    • Protects gear box from rust that attacks metal
    • Reduces maintenance costs and down time

    Treatment Ratio Info:

    • 1 quart of Xp3 GEAR BOX ADDITIVE treats up to 20 quarts of gear oil. 
    • For larger gear boxes, use 5-10% of entire gear oil system capacity

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