Xp3 Diesel Cetane Booster 4 Pack of 1 Gallon Bottles


    Xp3 Diesel CETANE BOOSTER is a superior and cost-effective fuel additive technology used to raise the cetane number of diesel fuels.

    This item is a 4 pack of 1 gallon bottles of Xp3 Diesel CETANE BOOSTER

    • Treats up to 15,360 gallons of diesel fuel.
    • Increases the cetane number of diesel fuels
    • Improve power, performance, and fuel efficiency
    • Extends life of EGR, DPF, and SCR systems
    • Useful in upgrading heating oil to diesel fuel quality
    • Safe and effective for use in engines that use diesel fuel
    • Commercial strength, multi-functional fuel enhancer
    • Solves many problems associated with diesel fuel in one powerful and effective product (see “Description” section below)

    Xp3 Diesel Cetane Booster is a non-petroleum based product composed of synthetic resins and organic compounds.  Xp3 protects engines and keeps them running better and longer. Xp3 is 100% biodegradable and does not contain alcohol.

    Safe and effective for use in Tier 4 emissions equipment and will not effect warranties (see Magnuson-Moss Act).

    Treatment Ratio Information.

    Depending on the composition of the fuel being used and the desired cetane number target, Xp3 Diesel Cetane Booster is normally used in the range of .05% to .25% by volume. For example, in fuels with a base cetane number of 41, you will see and increase between 2 to 6 points by using a treatment ratio between 1 to 4 ounces of Xp3 Diesel Cetane Booster per 30 gallons of fuel (see chart below)

    Cetane booster chart

    Add Xp3 to your tank before each fill up.

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    See product description below for MSDS and more details!

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