Xp3 Cleaner Degreaser 2.5 Gallon Bottle


    Xp3 Cleaner-Degreaser is the most significant breakthrough in surfactant technology that exists in the market today.  It was specifically designed to clean any surface including those with oily soils (oils, greases, fuels, foods, etc.).  Xp3 Cleaner-Degreaser is a commercial-grade, liquid cleaner that literally causes oil to effervesce from surfaces resulting in rapid cleaning.

    This item is a 2.5 gallon bottle of Xp3 Cleaner-Degreaser

    • Concentrated liquid solution that easy to dilute with water
    • Effective over broad temperature range
    • 100% biodegrable
    • Easy to store and handle
    • Highly effective at removing lithium grease
    • Safe for use on food prep surfaces

    Xp3 Cleaner-Degreaser and Water Mix Ratio Information.

    The Xp3 Cleaner-Degreaser to water mix ratio depends on the greases, oils, and surfaces you are looking to clean. In the chart below, you will see some common dilution rates for various surfaces:

    Xp3 Cleaner Degrease dilution rate chart

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