Xp3 Anti-Corrosion Coating


    Xp3 Anti-Corrosion Coating is the best rust/corrosion control coating that exists today.  This superior coating penetrates and seals subsurfaces and surfaces that are exposed to severe chemical and physical environments.  Xp3 Anti-Corrosion Coating offers a polymer structure that is extremely adhesive and chemically inert.

    This item is a 16 fl. oz. container of Xp3 Anti-Corrosion Coating

    • Superior protection against moisture, corrosive fumes, and chemical contact (click here for more info)
    • Does not require primer or base prior to application
    • Excellent adhesion, toughness, impact and abrasion resistant properties
    • Can be used a barrier coat between conventional finishes and many specialized coatings
    • Cured product conforms to US Dept. of Agriculture requirements for incidental contact with food

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    See product description below for more details including application methods and coverage info!

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